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late the deputy d.a.says there isn't any money left. a lot of it spent on the house and a lavish life style. >> it's hard. different when you lose money in the market but when it's basically taken from you, stolen, it's -- it hurts. like having a car stolen. it's just, you feel violated. >> carl miller is in jail tonight. a bail hearing set for morning. he's in laws trying to put up real estate to get him out. >> and he was the treasurer of the local boy scout troop in or yinda. is' accused of taking money from them? >> the deputy d.a.says miller took money out of the boy scout troop account for no apparent good reason but put the money back in. i think $10,000 at one time and another $6,000 another time. but put the money back in. and that is still embezzlement, even if you don't take it out permanently.
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>> and police plees outlined their case in order to prove the man they shot and killed over the weekend fired at them, first. angry neighbors held a protest over the shooting of the 19-year-old keng yej wade harding, killed saturday as he ran from police when they tried to stop him for not daying his -- paying his muni fare. many are questioning whether harding had a gun. the police chief provided autdo from the shot spotter system picking up sounds and locations of the gunfire. >> we believe that the shot spotter confirms there were three shooters in this instant. mr. harding followed by two officers returning fire. >> never seen that gun. what i have seen is a young man running for his life, being shot down from his back, the way he was shot down. >> and there is a time line, showing 10 shots were fired
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and they played video that shows a gun at the shooting scene. there it is. and police say they're working to determine this f.that weapon was fired at officer autos police believe a deadly shooting in richmond is the result of a violent turf war between a couple groups. a man and woman shot and killed outside of an apartment be in north richmond last night there. is a third victim, a 20-year-old also shot and is in critical condition. and just 30 minutes earlier, a young man is expected to survive. police say the two may be linked. >> and there is a we're looking into the possibility they're connected. one is in north richmond and our central area of richmond, and another shooting did happen on a central district. >> and police have no suspects in either shooting. >> san francisco state senator is trying to stop pay raises for administrators at public
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universities when students are realing from more tuition increases. >> and governor schwartzeneggar vetoed a limit on executive pay. he says the state proposal now may come before governor brown, deciding he, too, wanted to stop executive pay at san diego state. it's freshman orientation at sacramento state. like other csu campuses, students here are worried about whether they can avoid to -- afford to graduate. increase come on the heels of six-figure salary bumps. the new president is making $100,000 more than his
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predecessor. and mark layerett got a $1 million retention bonus over four years into is my first year at college. i had to take out two loans. in the future, if they're getting raises and more raises i'm going to have to take out more and more loan autos state senator trying to put brakes on executive raises, reintroducing a bill banning pay hikes at public universities during bad budget years. >> you ought to focus on why you're here, why you're in the position you are, that is to help our students become their best. not for to you get rich. >> both uc and csu say they haven't analyzed the proposal, but last week air, cal state spokeswoman said the hikes are due to the state budget cuts not executive salaries and need to be able to recruit and retain the best people. >> the presidents as a whole
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for the system their salaries are lagging about 52% for comparable institution autos still, parents say it's time to end salary increases. >> this is going to be extra money to pay for our kids to pay for school. not fair. not fair. >> and u.s. department of education produced a new list showing colleges with fastest-rising tuition and all but one csu campus, sonoma state made the list. >> the nation as largest public pension fund is on the rebound. california public employees retirement system posted a 21% investment return in the last fiscal year. it's the second consecutive year. the fund oversees benefits for
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1.6 million current and retired local government employees and families here in california. >> san francisco supreme court cuts will affect everything from traffic tickets and divorces to lawsuits. she detailed cuts this morning morning saying the court is laying off00 workers and closing 25 courtrooms. now, it take mai take several hours to pay a traffic ticket in person, 18 months to finalize a divorce, and five years for hay lawsuit to go to trial. >> come october 3, closed signs women hang on courtroom doors. windows in clerk offices will be shuttered. and civil division will be essentially out of business. >> the legislature cut $350 million from the budget and all trial courts are taking a big hit. >> and plans to merge four peninsula fire departments
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will be presented tonight at burlingame city council meeting. this program would combine the millbrae and san bruno departments with central county fire. the merger has been approve bid all four communities. it's projected to save $540,000 per year, closing two fire stations and consolidating fumpxz. no jobs will be lost. >> and another -- cisco systems confirmed it's laying off 6500 employees, 9% of the networking qipt work force, 2100 coming from employees taking part in early retirement and says 15% lk employed at at and above the level of vice president. workers will be notified first week of august. >> another round of dead d.debt talk was out a deal. the president says progress is being made. and the republican senator
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says he'll slash through spending cuts and raise age at which americans receive social security benefits to 70. >> the fact is that politicians desires for career get in the way of what is best for the country well. know that. you see it every day. i'm saying it's time for a new day. >> the house expected to vote on the plan adds early as tomorrow. g.o.p.-packed measure would alo the government to borrow $2.5 trillion but only after adoption of a balanced budget amendment. the mow sure is sure to stall in the senate. >> and friends and family gathered to stay sai goodbye to a fallen soldier from san jose today. he died when his unit came under fire in afghanistan july 5th. patriot guard riders took part
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with his family. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. he served in the marine corps before joining the army. >> in news international phone hacking scandal claimed another victim. the whistle blower who accused the newspaper of wide spread phone hacking is dead. police say his death not considered sus spishus z john yates stepped down just today after his boss, sir paul stevenson. both had come under fire for handeling of a widening scandal involving reporters and executives. >> i've acted with complete integrity and my conscience is clear. i look forward to the future judge in that enquirery. my role will be examined in a proper and calmer environment. >> despite her weekend arrest, a former "news of the world"
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editor will testify before british lawmakers tomorrow, her former bosses wibl appearing before that committee. >> and back here, at and t's attempt to offer a new phone, internet and tv service may hit a major road block tomorrow. community groups went to city hall today to urge the board to require an environmental impact report before the telecome giant can install hundreds of boxes on sidewalks. they say the boxes, like this one on folsom street are an eye sore and should be hidden from public view. >> we say put it on private property. and pay rent and do not snatch our sidewalk autos at and t says san francisco wants choice, and an nalt tiff to traditional tv and internet, promising to keep them off the streets of residents that oppose them. >> coming up, cutting amount of meat you eat.
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how koit be good for you and the environment. >> and we'll have that story. then, michael finney takes a look at the break through technology that could allow the blind to drive a car. >> i'm sanna -- sandhya patel. minor changes are coming tomorrow. here is a hint. i'll be back with a look at the forecast coming up. >> and i gave her a few big ones. >> oh, a local 5-year-old is really the apple of her grandmother's eye today. the news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld two women of breaking into at least five cars in emeryville are under arrest. a witness shot video of the suspects and their car contacted police. they were taken into custody after the car was spotted
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friday evening in a target store parking lot. the 26-year-old raven stewart and 24-year-old lashay rodriguez are charged with multiel counts of possession of stolen property and burglar yeechl stewart's 4-month-old baby was with them. the mother faces child endangerment charge autos san francisco chapter of the naacp says a lawsuit against u.s. airways is eminent from deshaun marman's family. and this group ticketed today and says it plans to call for a national campaign against u.s. air. they're upset over last month's arrest at a u.s. airways crew accused him of refusing to pull up his pants. >> this kind of profiling of african american sales must stop this, is why there is a disproportionate number locked up. >> and a spokesperson tells abc 7 news it looks forward to quote, continuing the dialogue,
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and the airline has said it's biggest problem with the incident is marman's refusal to follow crew's order autos and there is something astonishing to think about. there is an effort to develop a car that would allow blind people to drive. >> it's an incell kredible concept. >> and there is one tas that can seems out of the question for the blind is driving. but not so, say researchers they're showing a car they're developing for the blind and sight impaired. it's equipped with sensors that send signals. the researchers say there is a long way to go, but believe some day, it will be able to drive safely and independently. and governor jerry brown and water conservation groups
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supported the measure, which would have prohibited them from banning artificial turf. and says the decision is best left to each group and shouldn't be mandated by late state law. they have rules, many rules regarding the look of neighborhoods. >> and the president nominated richard cordray instead of ease liz beth warren. bankers and financiers were working hard to have her leave the agency. and cordray is the former ohio attorney general well thought of within consumer circles. it's expected to be a battle. >> and a south san francisco woman is calling her granddaughter a hero.
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here is what happened. she was sitting down for lunch with 5-year-old caylee friday. she started to choke on a chicken bone. little caylee started slapping her grandmother in the back it and worked. >> she was choking. and couldn't breathe. she couldn't talk. her last word was "harder". then, she was good faint. i gave her a few big ones it and came out of her mouth. >> what a sweet little girl. so brave and smart. she says she decided to go public with the story so people know it's forn teach little ones life saving tech neeg autos san francisco giants have received quite an invitation from president obama. and the team going to fly to washington, d.c. after sunday's game at the giants
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ballpark against milwaukee and received recognition on monday. and there is a three-game series in philadelphia. >> i wonder if the president will fear the beard? things warming up. >> there is a nice change of face pais today, temperatures responded but we're going see a minor sea saw forecast. and next several days, there is a live picture. there is a look across the bay. here is what is reforming and coming back. marine layer beginning to return. there is another live picture now. there is what it looks like at at and t park. giants taking on l.a. dodgers tonight. temperatures into low 60s, numbers drop into upper 50s, still a light sweater will do for later tonight. there are 60s along the
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coastline. 7 ows across most of the bay area. and there is everyone up, but right now there is no change. five degrees warmer in redwood city. and two degrees in nappa. san jose running six degrees warmer than this time yesterday. here is what is coming up. low clouds coast, bay tonight. sunny skies tomorrow, we're looking at warmer weather for wednesday, area-wide. there is a satellite and radar there, is an area of low pressure spinning off the coastline. it's lifting up in places like eureka and crescent city received a few hundredths of an inch of rain this, low parked here and hasn't moved much.
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